Retail sales and curbside pickup available.  Please call or text (724) 889-7244 to pre-order for curbside pickup. 

Established in 2010, Wooden Door brings it’s patrons an ever changing range of hand-crafted wines produced on site from the finest Pennsylvania grown grapes. With more than 30 styles of wine, there’s something for everyone!


  • DIAMOND: Semi-sweet, crisp – with notes of apple and mineral. (semi-dry) *Sweet Diamond also available 😉
  • GUILTY PLEASURES: A WDW signature wine! An unbelievable blend of Riesling with a splash of Catawba. (sold out)
  • AUTUMN RIESLING: A refreshing blend of Riesling infused with Apple undertones. (sweet)
    PERFECT PARTNERS: A WDW signature wine! A perfect blend of white grapes. (sweet)
  • Vertigo: Blend of Traminette and Diamond. Very Classy White with great body.
  • WDW White: Blend of Rieslling snd Seyval. (sold out)
  • NIAGRA: It is like eating the grapes off the vine but a better “after” effect after drinking our Niagra.


  • CABERNET SAUV: – medium body, mild tannins. Its a must try for you Cab Lover’s.
  • 50 SHADES OF WOODEN DOOR RED: You won’t be able to put it down! Sweet Zin with a blend of 3 other WDW reds ;),
  • COROT NOIR : Medium body, bursting with flavor.
  • GENTLEMAN’S TOAST: Doesn’t the name say it all? Cab/Merlot blend with Heavy toast oak (temp out)
  • NOIRET: Full bodied, black pepper and berry flavors with a touch of oak.
  • HOLIDAY SPICE : A seasonal favorite! Coming soon that can be served warm and GREAT Fall and Winter wine.. (released in Fall)
  • SANGRIA: A WDW signature wine! Delicious, fruity with unexpected flavors!
  • FREDONIA: Delightful, smooth and rich. (sold out)
  • CHAMBORCIN: This hybid is amazing in flavor and smoothness. Its an impressive Chambo
  • CONSENSUAL SIP: 50/50 blend of Fredonia and Concord. Very popular sweet Red (sold out)

BLUSH (sweet)

  • DOOR KNOCKER : A WDW signature wine! A blend of Concord and Niagra that will leave you wanting more!
  • PINK CATAWABA: Sweet blush with a finishing citrus bite


  • COKOLADA VINO : A chocolate lovers dream! Unbelievable! Our dry red that had chocolate.
  • PEACH: Our regulars say it is the best peach wine around..
  • RASPBERRY BLISS: The name says it all. It you like fruit wines.. you will LOVE this one!! 
  • STRAWBERRY: A crowd favorite that will not last long into the season
  • CRANBERRY: Smooth Cranberry wine with a nice bite on the finishing taste.(sold out)