Established in 2010, Wooden Door brings it’s patrons an ever changing range of hand-crafted wines produced on site from the finest Pennsylvania grown grapes. With more than 30 styles of wine, there’s something for everyone! View the wines available at our Allegheny TWP location.


  • DIAMOND: Semi-sweet, crisp – with notes of apple and mineral. (semi-dry)
  • GUILTY PLEASURES: A WDW signature wine! An unbelievable blend of Riesling with a splash of Catawba. (sold out)
  • AUTUMN RIESLING: A refreshing blend of Riesling infused with Apple undertones. (sweet)
    PERFECT PARTNERS: A WDW signature wine! A perfect blend of white grapes. (sweet)
  • Vertigo: Blend of Traminette and Diamond. Very Classy White with great body.
  • WDW White: Blend of Rieslling snd Seyva.
  • NIAGRA: It is like eating the grapes off the vine but a better “after” effect after drinking our Niagra.


  • CABERNET SAUV: – medium body, mild tannins. Its a must try for you Cab Lover’s.
  • 50 SHADES OF WOODEN DOOR RED: You won’t be able to put it down! Sweet Zin with a blend of 3 other WDW reds ;),
  • COROT NOIR : Medium body, bursting with flavor.
  • GENTLEMAN’S TOAST: Doesn’t the name say it all? Cab/Merlot blend with Heavy toast oak (temp out)
  • NOIRET: Full bodied, black pepper and berry flavors with a touch of oak.
  • HOLIDAY SPICE : A seasonal favorite! Coming soon that can be served warm and GREAT Fall and Winter wine.. (released in Fall)
  • SANGRIA: A WDW signature wine! Delicious, fruity with unexpected flavors!
  • FREDONIA: Delightful, smooth and rich. (sold out)
  • CHAMBORCIN: This hybid is amazing in flavor and smoothness. Its an impressive Chambo
  • CONSENSUAL SIP: 50/50 blend of Fredonia and Concord. Very popular sweet Red (sold out)

BLUSH (sweet)

  • DOOR KNOCKER : A WDW signature wine! A blend of Concord and Niagra that will leave you wanting more!
  • PINK CATAWABA: Sweet blush with a finishing citrus bite


  • COKOLADA VINO : A chocolate lovers dream! Unbelievable! Our dry red that had chocolate.
  • PEACH: Our regulars say it is the best peach wine around…
  • APPLE: Skip the apple pie for dessert and get your fix with our Apple wine…
  • RASPBERRY BLISS: The name says it all. It you like fruit wines.. you will LOVE this one!! (sold out)
  • STRAWBERRY: A crowd favorite that will not last long into the season
  • CRANBERRY: Smooth Cranberry wine with a nice bite on the finishing taste.(sold out)